When you book a My Little Makes Summer Camp, these Terms and Conditions define the agreement between us. They let you know what to expect from the camp and what we expect from you. If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions, please email Louise Smythson Way via




Bookings made online will be confirmed by email.  A booking is secured when we receive the appropriate payment and receipt of this constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.



2. Changing Your Booking

If you give us 7 days or more notice, we will endeavour to change your dates within the same school holiday period, subject to availability.


If you have booked a full 3-day week, you can only move the whole week, unless you are happy to pay the extra cost to split the days across different weeks.



3. Cancellations

If you give us at least 28 days’ notice before the camp date(s) you would like to cancel, we will refund all monies paid.  


As we offer a discounted weekly price, if you wish to cancel a day(s) within a week, we will then recalculate your booking at the daily rate which may result in an additional charge.


If you give us less than 28 days’ notice before the date(s) you would like to cancel, no refund is guaranteed. We will make all attempts to fill the place and if this is possible, you will be issued with a full refund. 



4. Your Child’s Information

It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to ensure that all details provided are accurate, in particular full information about each child, including medical and other special educational needs, and emergency contact information. 


Parents/carers will be sent a form to complete via email and children will only be allowed to camp if this information has been received prior to the start date.


5. Special Requirements

My Little Makes Summer Camp recognises that the needs of individual children vary, and will endeavour to accommodate children with specific needs and/or medical conditions within the camp environment.  It is our policy not to exclude any child due to specific needs and/or medical conditions wherever possible.


It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform us of any medical conditions and special educational needs or disabilities so we can discuss how best to accommodate the child, and consider whether any reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure they are able to fully participate and enjoy the activities on camp. The needs of each child vary so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and depend upon the level of support each individual child may require.


We are not able to provide additional staff to support a child irrespective of any specific needs or medical conditions. However, where a child does require one-to-one support, My Little Makes will permit parents/carers to attend camp to support their child, providing a DBS check has been completed. 


Where we feel that a child is not coping, we reserve the right to ask the parent/carer to come and collect their child.  No refund will be available in this situation.



6. Illness and First Aid

My Little Makes Summer Camp requires that all children who are ill or infectious be kept home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 24 hours after the last symptom occurs.  Staff will only administer medication if it has been prescribed by a doctor or other health professional.


In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary.


Essential prescribed medication including Epipens must be handed in to the camp leader for safe-keeping. Parents will be asked to complete and sign a form giving permission to administer medication. 



7. Child Exclusion

My Little Makes Summer Camp has a responsibility for ensuring the well-being and safety of all children in our care and have procedures in place for managing behaviour.  We follow a zero tolerance policy on discrimination, bullying and persistent poor behaviour of any kind, irrespective of any special needs.  On rare occasions, and in more serious cases, we reserve the right to ask parents to remove children from camp either for the remainder of the day (part exclusion), or for the rest of the camp (full exclusion). No refund will be made for any remaining days booked, and any costs associated with the exclusion will be the parents’ responsibility. We reserve the right to exclude a child at any time prior to or during a session due to illness. The parent/carer will be expected to come and collect their child.



13. Late Pick-Up

All children MUST be collected by 3:30pm If for any reason you are unable to collect by 3:30pm, we ask that you call Louise as soon as possible.  A member of staff will wait with your child at The Barn or  at Chiltern Lodge Main Reception until they are collected. We reserve the right to refuse future bookings from parents who continually pick up late.



14. Notice of Absence

If a child is not attending a scheduled day on camp, please contact Louise to allow us to update records.



16. Programme Changes and Cancellation of Camp

From time to time, we may need to make changes to the planned activities at camp. Activity programmes are subject to change in the event of unsuitable weather or other circumstances beyond our control.  If you are booking individual days, we cannot guarantee that the advertised activities for the week will fall on those particular days.


In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel particular dates, and in this event, we will try to give those booked onto the camp as much notice as possible. A full refund of all monies paid for the cancelled date will be given. 



17. Personal Property

All your child’s personal property is your responsibility and My Little Makes Summer Camp is not liable for any lost or damaged property.  If you believe that your child has left an item on camp, please contact Louise who will do her best to assist you.  Lost property will remain at The Barn until the last day of camp and should be collected before or on this date.  



18. Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

If children bring a mobile phone or other electronic device to camp, it will be stored in a safe place during the day and will be returned to the child when they are collected. 



19. Insurance

All children in our care are covered by our Public Liability Insurance.



20. Photography 

Parents will be asked to complete a consent form for photography and this will be strictly adhered to. 



22. Safeguarding

My Little Makes Summer Camp has legal obligations in relation to safeguarding and any suggestion of child abuse or neglect will be investigated and reported to relevant local authorities and agencies.



23. Policies and Procedures 

For our full policies and procedures document, please email Louise via



24. Data Protection
To process your booking, My Little Makes Summer Camp needs to collect personal details about you and your children.  We will treat it as confidential and keep it secure, complying with all relevant UK legislation, (GDPR from 25th May 2018). We will use your email address and telephone number to contact you with information that relates to any bookings that you make and to gain any information that we might need that relates to the welfare of your child. All paper documentation related to your child will be stored securely and you can request to see this at any time. 


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