April 20, 2018


Hooray and hoorah, spring has finally made an appearance in the UK! The sun is pouring in through the windows here at My Little Makes HQ and I'm feeling inspired to shed my cardigan, pop on my sunglasses and get outside. Ava is also loving the sunshine and has developed a strange obsession with putting suncream on! 


Spring is often the time to make plans, start new thing and set challenges for the rest of the year. One of the things I will be aiming for with My Little Makes is more connection with the great outdoors through my new feature, Nature Makes Mondays!  


The benefits of interacting with the natural environment are widely documented, especially in relation to child development. Nature play gives children the opportunity to:


explore, imagine, test their boundaries, develop their strength, assess risk, regulate stress, observe,

think creatively, problem solve, get messy, feel free,

rely on their senses, protect the environment


Nature Makes Mondays is about using the natural environment as a source of inspiration for creativity. Each Monday, I will be setting up a simple activity that you can share with your little ones, using found and natural materials. Hopefully, you will be encouraged to get out there and collect items together and, even better, do your making outside!



Ava and I will be having a go at the activities together and I would love you to share how you get on too, using the Instagram hashtag #NatureMakesMondays.


For more nature based inspiration, you can also follow My Little Makes over on Pinterest where you will find a dedicated Nature Makes board.

Join me on Monday when I will be sharing a fun and simple idea for collecting natural materials that you can then use in your Nature Makes.


Louise X


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