June 21, 2018



This week, I am celebrating the wonderful 'Just a Card' campaign and, in my own little way, helping to support some amazing designers and makers. I've put together a lovely collection of products and am using them to inspire some special Little Makes. 


First up, is the bright and colourful Scout Editions who produce paper goods and lifestyle products featuring beautiful botanicals and cheery animals. I fell in love with their range of stamps and thought they would be perfect for creating some happy mail. 


Letter writing is a great activity for children as it has a clear purpose and audience. Plus, its fun to send things in the post! Get your kids to design their own colourful stamps and decorate their envelopes to make the letter writing process even more appealing!







1. Print out your My Little Makes stamp sheet onto paper or sticky label sheets. Use paint, pens etc to decorate and then cut out. If using paper stamps, glue onto your envelopes, otherwise peel off the backing and stick down. 


2. Write addresses on your envelopes (another good opportunity for writing practice).*


3. Use Scout Edition stamps, stickers and washi tape to decorate your envelopes then pop letters, postcards etc inside. 



* If you are going to put your mail in the post, you will need to put it in a larger envelope with 'real' stamp and address for posting. 





If you have five minutes, then please go and take a look at the beautiful range of products on the Scout Editions website. And, you can find out more about supporting small businesses over at Just a Card

For more lovely creative inspiration for your little ones, sign up to the My Little Makes newsletter via the sign up form at the bottom of this page.


Louise X




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