May 24, 2018


This might just be my favourite Little Make yet! These beautiful eco-friendly Galaxy Bottles look really lovely with their swirling colours and seams of glitter. AND they glow in the dark!


What's more, the making process is really fun! There are cotton wool balls to squish with a stick, pipettes of watercolour to squeeze and pots of glitter to shake. There may be a little bit of mess to clean up afterwards but the kids will be busy for ages. Hooray!





  • small, clear plastic bottles (try to find some with wide necks)

  • cotton wool balls

  • watered down liquid watercolour paints (you could use food colouring instead)

  • glow in the dark paint

  • eco glitter

  • a chopstick or other long stick

  • pipettes

  • a jug of water



1. Put enough cotton balls into a bottle to cover the bottom. Push down with the chopstick so they are sitting snugly in the base of the bottle. 


2. Use the pipettes to squeeze drops of watercolour onto the cotton balls. You can also pour in a bit of water from the jug to dilute the colour a bit. 


3. Squeeze in some glow in the dark paint. 


4. Shake in a little eco glitter to add a bit of sparkle.  


5. Keep repeating the previous steps to build up the layers of colour.  


6. Make sure each layer of cotton balls in well squished down and when you get to the very top of the bottle, push one final cotton ball in and add a few drops of watercolour before screwing on the lid. 





To make your Galaxy Bottle glow, leave in daylight or under a lamp to 'charge' then take into a dark room. Follow the instructions on your glow in the dark paint for further details.


I do hope you have fun with this one! If you would like to find out about more creative projects for your children then sign up to the My Little Makes Newsletter and I will send you lots of lovely news and ideas, straight to your inbox.


Louise X


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