May 23, 2018


If you're looking for a craft activity that will suit children of all ages and makes use of recycled materials and all those crafty odds and ends that you have lying around then this is the one for you! This fancy little owl is a really easy one and provides lots of opportunity for creative expression so grab an egg box or two, lay out some paint and craft materials and let them go for it!





  • one egg box per owl

  • scissors

  • paint (I used washable poster paint)

  • googly eyes

  • craft feathers

  • decorative items such as stickers, beads, patterned papers, sequins etc

  • PVA glue



1. Cut the lid off the egg box to make the owl's body. Cut two egg sections and a pointy part to make the eye sockets and beak (see photo). 


2. Glue the smaller section into the body of the owl. 


3. Paint the tummy, beak and other parts of the owl and leave to dry. Add google eyes. 


4. Decorate the owl's body with feather wings and other small items. 



To display your owl, make a hole in the top of the egg box and use wool or string to make a hanging loop. Alternatively, leave the tummy undecorated and use the owl as a keepsake box for little treasures!

I'd love to see how your little ones interpret this activity so do share you owl creations over on Instagram using the #mylittlemakes_ hashtag.


Louise X


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