June 22, 2018



This week, I am celebrating the wonderful 'Just a Card' campaign and, in my own little way, helping to support some amazing designers and makers. I've put together a lovely collection of products and am using them to inspire some special Little Makes. 


Colleen at Little Carousel creates the most lovely children's designs which she turns into colourful prints, pillows and soft toys. I have been following her on Instagram for a while and finally got round to buying one of her Love Bunnies for a friend's new baby. I haven't posted it yet as I'm struggling to part with it!


These happy bunny treat cups are inspired by the fun and colour of the Little Carousel brand. They are a perfect little activity for a party or summer picnic. Set up all the materials and let the kids decorate their own cup then fill with treats to enjoy or take home. 





  • colourful paper cups

  • black marker pens

  • a range of coloured and patterned card and/or paper

  • stickers or other items to decorate the cups

  • glue sticks



1. Cut bunny ear shapes out of card or paper and glue to the inside rim of a cup.


2. Draw eyes, whiskers and a mouth onto the cup with marker pen.


3. Decorate your cup with other paper shapes, stickers etc. 



To make this an easy party activity for all ages, cut out bunny ear shapes before hand as well as flowers, bowties etc. Put all the shapes into little bowls and leave out on the table for children to help themselves to. Make an example or two so that children know what to do and then leave them to it!




If you have five minutes, then please go and take a look at the beautiful range of products on the Little Carousel website. And, you can find out more about supporting small businesses over at Just a Card

For more lovely creative inspiration for your little ones, sign up to the My Little Makes newsletter via the sign up form at the bottom of this page.


Louise X




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