January 22, 2018

I happily confess to being a Big Art Hoarder (BAH for short!). If you're anything like me, then you'll have a stash of coloured paper and card or odds and ends of wrapping paper stashed away somewhere amongst all the other art and craft materials that are slowly taking over your home! 


This is such a simple project for your little ones* to make using bits and pieces that you probably already have at home and the tassels that they create can be put to all sorts of uses. You could make necklaces, use them to decorate gifts or string a bunch of them together to make a garland. Get the kids to make a whole box full of tassels and then use them for all sorts of fun throughout the year. 


*This one is a little fiddly so is best suited to slightly older children.




  • coloured paper/thin card/thick wrapping paper

  • scissors

  • string or twine

  • beads with large holes


1. Cut long, thin strips of different papers and/or card.


2. Collect the strips together and tie in the middle with a long length of string.


3. Thread a bead onto both ends of the string and then tie a knot to secure.


4. Tie another knot further down the string to form a loop of the desired length. Trim the ends.  


5. Snip the ends of the paper strips until your tassel is the desired length then carefully fan out the paper strips. 


I hope you have fun making these tassels and using them for all sorts of creative projects. Be sure to tag your creations over on Instagram with the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ .



Louise X




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