December 17, 2017



The whole family will love making these cheerful festive baubles. Inspired by those slightly naff vintage glass baubles that are now back in fashion, this Little Make allows for lots of creativity as you decorate each one. You can copy the colours and patterns in the images here or go wild and create your own designs.   





  • vintage bauble template 

  • card in a range of bright colours

  • a pencil

  • scissors

  • white card or paper

  • a glue stick

  • brightly coloured paints (poster paint or acrylic)

  • small scraps of corrugated cardboard

  • cotton buds 

  • chalk pens or felt tip pens

  • a holepunch 

  • string, ribbon or twine 


1. Print out the bauble template and cut out each shape. Then, draw around these on coloured card and cut out. 


2. Cut round shapes from white card or paper and glue down in the middle of some of your bauble shapes.


3. Put your paints onto a paper plate, painting tray or other flat, washable surface. 



4. Dip the end of a strip of corrugated cardboard into paint and print starburst shapes around the middle of your baubles. Use a cotton bud to add dots of colour then leave to dry.



5. Add further decoration to the baubles using felt tips or chalk pens. 


6. Punch a hole in the top of each bauble then thread onto string or ribbon, tying each one as you go. 




I hope you have fun making these bright baubles and using them to decorate your home for Christmas. Be sure to tag your creations over on Instagram with the hashtag #mylittlemakes_



Louise X




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