December 14, 2017


This is a super quick and simple Little Make that can be put together in about 5 minutes and makes a great Christmas gift to give to school friends, teachers, the postman... Get a production line going with the kids and you'll have loads made in no time!




  • gingerbread man template 

  • card (to use in a printer)

  • scissors

  • a pencil

  • thin brown card

  • a fine black pen

  • a pink pen (I used a light pink chalk pen)

  • glue dots

  • small wrapped sweets


1. Print the gingerbread man template onto thick card and cut out. Alternatively, hand draw your own. 


2. Use your template to draw gingerbread men onto the brown card. Cut out. 


3. Use black pen to draw eyes and a smiley mouth on each gingerbread man then add rosy cheeks in pink.


4. Add a glue dot to the tummy of each gingerbread man then stick a treat 
in place. Add another glue dot on top of the treat and stick each of the gingerbread man's arms down onto it. 



And that's it. Simple!


Enjoy making and giving these super cute gifts and if you'd like to receive more creative activities through your inbox, sign up to the My Little Makes newsletter using the form on the sidebar of this page. 


Louise X


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