December 11, 2017


This is a great festive activity for children of ages. Little ones might need the leaves and paper plate preparing for them in advance but they will love sticking all the leaves and other decorations on. 





  • green paper, card and other left over materials such as foam sheets 

  • green felt pens

  • scissors

  • a paper plate 

  • green paint

  • double sided tape

  • ribbon

  • a glue stick

  • red or pink paper or card

  • gold paper or card 

  • sequins 

1. Cut the middle part out of your paper plate so you are left with a ring. Paint this green and leave to dry.


2. Cut leaf shapes from your green card and paper (I cut holly and a more basic leaf shape). Use green pen to draw veins on your leaves. 


3. Cut strips of double sided tape and stick around your paper plate ring. You can also use a piece to join the two ends of the plate back together. Remove the tape backing.


4. Arrange and stick down your leaves onto the double sided tape, leaving a small space at the bottom for your ribbon to be attached. 


5. Tie your ribbon in a bow and stick to the bottom of your wreath. 


6. Cut small circles from your red or pink card and glue on to the leaves to act as berries. Cut starts from your gold paper and also glue on. Add a few sequins to finish. 


Happy making everyone! If you create your own paper Christmas wreath, I'd love you to share it over on Instagram with the hashtag #mylittlemakes_



Louise X


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