November 10, 2017


This is a lovely Little Make that is super quick and easy and requires just a few materials. Make a collection of poppies with your little ones and give them out to friends and family for Remembrance Day. And please donate to the Poppy Appeal if you are able.  




  • a bottle top

  • black paint (acrylic or poster paint) or a black marker pen

  • red tissue paper

  • thin card (I used black card but any colour is fine as it won't be seen)

  • stick on badge pin

  • scissors

  • a pencil



1. Get your card and draw around the bottle top using a pencil. Cut out the circle. 


2. Paint your bottle top or colour in with marker pen (unless it is already black!) Leave to dry.  


3. Cut four rounded poppy shapes out of red tissue paper.


4. Put the bottle top on a table with the open part facing upwards. Place the tissue shapes over it and then put the card circle centrally on top. Gently push the tissue and card into the bottle top opening. The circle of card will keep the tissue fixed it place inside the bottle top. 


5. Stick a badge pin to the card inside the bottle top and wear your poppy with pride. 


Enjoy making your poppies and remember to use the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ to share your photos over on Instagram.


Louise X


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