November 3, 2017



There is something really magical and exciting about fireworks. I love wrapping up warm on Bonfire Night and heading out into the darkness to stand by a big fire and watch all those amazing colours fill the sky. 


This Little Make is pretty easy once you get the hang of it and is really fun to do. You don't have much control over how the paint behaves and this can lead to some really lovely, surprising results. 




  • dark coloured paper or card

  • white and coloured paint (acrylic or poster paint)

  • a small dish

  • a paint brush

  • a straw

  • oil pastels or chalk (optional)

  • glitter glue (optional)


1. In a small dish, mix a small amount of white paint with some water. You are looking for quite a thin consistency, similar to milk.


2. Use a paint brush to blob a small puddle of paint somewhere on your card or paper. Get your straw and place it over the middle of the paint, quite close. Have a big blow and see what happens!


It may take a few attempts to get the paint to spread out in all directions but even the wonky ones look great! Cover the page with different sized splatters until some start to overlap.



2. Let the white paint dry and then repeat the process over the top of the white splatters with different colours. 



3. If you want to add further detail to your fireworks, wait until the coloured paint is dry and then draw a star shape in the centre of each one with oil pastel or chalk. You can then add glitter glue stars for a bit of sparkle!




Have fun with this one and remember to use the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ to share photos of your beautiful fireworks over on Instagram.


Louise X


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