October 27, 2017

I'm so in love with these skulls! Would it be strange to hang one up at home all year round?!!

Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is a Mexican festival for celebrating and remembering the departed. Technically this isn't a Halloween Make but Day of the Dead imagery has been creeping into all things Halloween over recent years and I just couldn't resist the bright colours and the flowers.

This one is really for older children although I know the littles will love having a go too!




  • a white paper plate for each skull

  • scissors

  • a pencil

  • something small and round to draw around (I used a roll of sticky tape)

  • coloured pens

  • PVA glue

  • sequins

  • coloured paper and tissue

  • sticky tape

  • coloured string or wool to hang (optional)


1. Cut a slit into the edge part of your paper plate then cut another about 1/8 of the way around. From each slit, cut outwards to create the cheeks of the skull before cutting up and over the top to form the head.


It can be a bit tricky to get the shape right so you might want to draw it out in pencil before you cut. Once you have cut one skull shape, you can use this as a template to cut any others. 


2. Use a small round object to draw around, forming two large eyes halfway down the skull. These should be about 1cm apart so you have room to decorate around them. Draw a elongated upside down heart for the nose and use the ridges on the edge of the plate to guide you in drawing teeth. You can work in pencil and then go over the top in black pen when you are happy with everything. 


3. Add decoration around and inside the eyes and to the rest of the face. Commonly used decoration includes flowers, stars, hearts, swirls and spider webs. You can copy the designs here, look for some online or create your own. 


4. Colour in your skull and add sequins with PVA glue.  


5. To make a top hat, cut the shape out of black card or paper and add a strip of coloured paper for the band. Glue to the top of the skull.


6. Cut leaves and flowers out of coloured paper to make a floral crown or top hat decoration. For tissue paper flowers, roll a strip of tissue and twist at the bottom before securing with sticky tape or glue. Make several of these and then glue in place. 


7. If you would like to hang your skull up, simply fix a loop of string or wool at the back using sticky tape. 


Have fun making your Spooky Spider's Web Weavings and as always, use the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ to share any great photos over on Instagram.


Louise X


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