October 25, 2017

The Little Make I'm sharing today is a spin on good old potato printing. It can be used for gift tags and/or bunting and if you're not really into Halloween, you can just keep the pumpkins plain to create some super cute autumn decorations. This one is suitable for all ages and only needs a few simple materials. 





  • white card

  • an apple

  • acrylic or poster paint (orange and green)*

  • paint brushes

  • black marker or felt tip pen

  • scissors

  • a hole punch

  • coloured string or wool (I used black cord)

* If using acrylic paint, just be aware that it doesn't wash out of clothing very well. 



1. Slice one side off your apple to be used for the main part of your pumpkins. Cut a second piece into a small, curved shape to be used for the stalks. Leave the apple pieces to dry out for about half an hour. You can eat the rest while you wait!


 Apply a thin layer of orange paint to the larger apple piece. Print down firmly onto the white card and lift carefully off. Keep repeating this process, leaving enough space between each pumpkin to add the stalks later. 


You may find that you have enough paint left on the apple for several prints before you need to apply more and this will give a more textured effect. For more solid looking pumpkins, apply paint again after each print.


Keep going until you have the desired number of pumpkins for your gift tags and/or bunting. 



3. Leave the orange paint to dry and then use green paint on the smaller apple piece to print a stalk for each pumpkin .


4. Once the green paint is dry, cut around each pumpkin with scissors and use a hole punch to make a hole in the top of each one.


5. Use black pen to add faces or Halloween messages to your pumpkins.


6. To make bunting, cut a long length of string or wool. Thread the first pumpkin on and tie a few cm from the end. Thread your next pumpkin and tie a few cm from the first. Repeat until all your pumpkins are strung. 


If decorating gifts and treats, use lengths of wool or string to attach each tag then tie in a bow


You'll have a great time making these little pumpkins and theres so many ways you can use them at Halloween and during the autumn. I'd love to see what you come up with so use the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ to share any great photos over on Instagram.


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Louise X


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