October 23, 2017


Halloween is nearly upon us and for those that enjoy the spookier side of life, this spider's web is a great Little Make that is suitable for children of all ages. Little ones might need some help to weave the web and make their spider but let them go to town with the decoration. Life is short and you can always but more glitter glue!




  • a white paper plate

  • coloured wool or string (I used black wool)

  • sticky tape

  • 3 long black pipe cleaners

  • PVA glue

  • scissors

  • materials to decorate such as sequins, mini pompoms, glitter glue etc



1. Make cuts around the edge of the plate, roughly 1cm long and 3cm apart.


2. Use tape to stick the end of your wool to the back of the plate and then gently pull it up through one of the slits so it is at the front. Pull the wool across the plate and down through another slit. Keep crossing the wool around the plate, making sure it is taught but not bending the plate. Build up your web until you are happy with the effect. Finish by pulling your wool through to the back again then snip the end and stick down with tape.



3. To make the spider, take two of the three pipe cleaners and cut them in half to make four shorter pieces. Bundle these together and wrap the third, long pipe cleaner around the middle to form the body of the spider. Bend the eight legs out and set the spider aside.



4. Decorate your web by gluing decorative items to the plate and wool. 



5. Attach your spider by weaving its legs into the web.


Have fun making your Spooky Spider's Web Weavings and as always, use the hashtag #mylittlemakes_ to share any great photos over on Instagram.


Louise X


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