September 27, 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to the brand spanking new My Little Makes blog! I'm Louise and I'm a primary school teacher and mum to a toddler, Ava. I've set up My Little Makes to provide art classes and a range of creative services for children in and around South Bucks in the UK. I'd love you to join in with my adventures as I share some of my ideas and activities through this blog.


My husband Andrew, Ava and myself out romping through the beautiful

Buckinghamshire countryside. Below is our rather cute Staffy, Wilma!



My Little Makes is all about keeping things simple, having fun and trying something new. If you are prepared to get a bit messy and are willing to leave your own artistic inhibitions at the door, then I feel sure that you will be able to enrich your children's creative development as you spend some quality time together. There is so much to learn about your little ones as you watch them explore new materials, make marks, use their imagination and try something new. 


Activities will be presented in a simple tutorial format and will leave plenty of room for creative interpretation. My hope is to arm you with the tools and materials you will need to spark your children's imaginations and let them fly, without the stress or expense. At the same time, I hope that many of your creations will become treasured keepsakes or beautiful and unique gifts for others.


I'll be back soon to share some seasonal inspiration and some really simple ideas for your youngest Little Makers. If you'd like to be kept informed of all the goings on at My Little Makes HQ then please sign up to my newsletter. Thanks for stopping by!




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